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Allegiant Pdf
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Released 22 October 2013 Order yours HERE or download Allegiant Book online 

What if your whole world was a lie?
What if a single revelation—like a single choice—changed everything?
What if love and loyalty made you do things you never expected?
The explosive conclusion to Veronica Roth’s #1 New York Times bestselling Divergent trilogy reveals the secrets of the dystopian world that has captivated millions of readers in Divergent and Insurgent.

Allegiant Summary

The group leaves the city. They find out that there are people outside the city that basically observe the people within the city (long ago scientists screwed up peoples’ genes and tried to fix it by putting the genetically- modified people together and letting time heal their genes. People with healed genes are Divergent). There are also other experimental cities. They stay with the scientist group and they find out a lot: Tori’s brother is alive Tobias isn’t completely Divergent Evelyn is planning to go to war with (?) Allegiant (a group) but makes up with Tobias later Tris’ mom came from outside the city The scientists supplied the city with the serum (so they’re kind of enemies with Tris) At the end, David (lead scientist guy) and his group are trying to release a serum either memory or killing one. Tris manages to deactivate the thing that releases it, but David had a gun and shoots her. Later on (like two years) Tobias goes on the zip line with his friends and spreads her ashes over the city (which is now free). Source


Allegiant PDF Chapter 1 “Tris…Tris wake up.” I am awake. I want to say the words but it’s not me that is being addressed. Tris isn’t my name. Even as I reach that conclusion , I hear the words bob around my mind like someone decided to use it as a punching bag. I try to open my eyes but realize that I can’t. I feel like there’s a pressure on them forcing them to stay closed. I begin to panic after what feels like hours of struggle. Why can’t i open them? I chide myself internally realizing how stupid I’m being, if corse they’ll open. it’s just your eyes I tell myself…open them. I try again and feel the muscles contract beneath my lids, I feel pain flare out as my eyes flutter open and a man’s face swims into view above me. No more than a minute later the pain has seized and the mans features begcome clear. Brown hair falling in short wisps along his forehead only inches from his eyes. I focus on his them, his cobalt blue eyes reflect caution and a distant longing I can’t place. When he notices I’m awake he leans back a bit, but I feel like he is closer,o all around me everywhere though we aren’t touching. His eyes widen and I see a spark of lighter blue snap behind his iris and it stays there giving him a more…approachable demeanor. “Beatrice…Please” With little more than no effort my eyes snap wide at his words and everything lays into focus. My name is Tris. Beatrice Prior. Prior. Edith Prior. The words echo through my mind as images flash before me. Erudite headquarters. The video. The events leading up to my betrayal. Me siding with Marcus. My last ditch effort to save Jeanine. Tori’s knife handle protruding from Jeanine’s abdomen. The doors open behind us and I see at that moment that the man above me has a name. Four. Guilt pinches my gut like a dull knife twisting as my insides contract and my vision blurs around the edges. It’s not my pain I feel, it’s his…cold utter betrayal coursing through my veins like acid burning to my mind and consuming it with panic. The black screen. The shouting. The running. The gunshots. They all bang against my skull vying for attention as more images continue. Four beside me blocking me from harms way even after all I’ve done. Knocking me to the ground, covering my body with his. I don’t know what happens next because my skull smashed back causing this momentary lapse in thought, but I remember everything now. The knife pushes deeper into me and I see myself, Falling into blackness that doesn’t end on hard impact but on a soft linen spread beneath me. I fist the sheets as I put the pieces together…I’m in his room. His room. The name of the man above me is not Four but, “Tobias” I whisper. Just saying his name twists the knife deeper and I remember his cool harsh words. “I trusted you” I look up at him and cringe away. Expecting to see hate in every corner of his face but, no. His expression isn’t hostile…it isn’t cold…its…hopeful? Then I remember. He found the truth. He did what I couldn’t. He… Believes me. “Tris…Oh thank god. What the hell happened?! I tried to protect you but you went limp beneath me, I thought, oh god I thought you were shot, or hurt or-” His voice catches and he looks down at me and smiles. It’s that one smile, the corner of his right side is slightly higher than the left, which I can’t look away from. The smile that I know. And Love. He clears his throat and his spare upper lip quivers as he takes a shaky breath. “I knew you were ok I just didn’t-” Before he can finish what he was going to say I reach forward and press my lips to his. He tenses at my touch and I see his hands splay apart in his lap,I can feel his quickening heartbeat against my palm as I slide my hands across his chest. After a second of being caught off guard he responds to the kiss. His lips move across mine with a half-crazed urgency. He pulls himself from his previous position on the side of the bed and slides himself in front of me, Kneeling, he pushes me back against the wall; his right hand cups the small of my back and his left hand pressed firmly against the wall to steady us. I sit up until there’s no space between us, my stomach flutters with a nervous energy as I pull away to speak. “You-You Believed me. How did you-?” I don’t know what I can ask without crying so I don’t ask. I tell. “You saved me.” His faces blurs for a second as a tear slides down my cheek. He looks at me for a minute. Just when I think he’s had enough of me he reaches forward and kisses my tear at the base of my jaw and I shiver. When he speaks his voice is rough with emotion. End of Allegiant PDF Chapter 1 Excerpt and Summary

Allegiant Reviews
“The next big thing.” (Rolling Stone)

“If you like Hunger Games & Twilight, then get stoked for DIVERGENT! Trust us on this—this baby is going to blow up BIG! And if you chose to remain factionless, then you’re gonna be one lonely soul.” (

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